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Associazione Italiana Nomadi dell’amore – Onlus


It has been constituted with registered office in Rome, via Cimone n.145, at Provincial House of the Piccole Suore Missionarie della Carità a non-profit  lay association of catholic inspiration, for the spread of a style of life inspired to the Christ love, denominated “A.I.N.A.” ( Associazione Italiana Nomadi dell’Amore) .
in relation to the purposes indicated in the art.3 the association assumes the figure of association not recognized to the senses of the art.36 e ss. Of the Codice Civile and of the D.Lgs. 460/97.


The duration of the association is unlimited.


a) It has like main purpose the scholastic adoption of  children coming  from families of underdeveloped nations or in series economic difficulties and that without an external support they could not attend the primary education.
b) Collection of fund in order  of supporting a child along all the scholastic career;
c) To make born in every person one style of life founded on the humility, on the love, on the simplicity
The associates who decide to engage themselves in the adoption of a  child they will not have to complete a barren gesture finalized exclusively to a finance of money. The association engages itself to make to be born a human relationship  between the child and the adoptive family.
The founders, each one by their own possibilities, engage themselves to visit the person at least once a year  these countries to know the child improvements and the familiar situation.


In order to pursue  its purpose the association can do besides (moreover):
a) to promote the adhesion of new associates by means of annual fee.
b) to organize stands - market
c) to cure periodic banns and report;
dto promote working-camps with services in several  fields (drug addiction, houses families for sick of AIDS, houses family for handicaps) in which everyone will be able to search with an aid both human and  spiritual the own individuality;
d) to be connected and to cooperate with other  associations  having similar purposes;
e)to promote meeting of Christian spirituality.
f)to organize meeting  to formed  on the motivations of the  association
Fundamental task of every associated must be the ability not in the debit but in donating our self  and in knowing to share the other people's conditions in order to grow and to be completed


The number of the associates is limitless.
The association can be joined by citizen of all nations.
The associates divide themselves in:
- founder associates
- promoting associates
- supporter or ordinary associates
- honorary associates
- junior associates
Are considered as founder and promoting associates all whom took place at the memorandum of association, and all whom after will be qualified from the directive council as such, to have shown organizing and managerial skills and have shown full devotion of their time toward the association.
Ordinary and supporter members are the ones who join to the social statute, paying a monthly or annually quote. The members must be accepted by the unquestionable judgment of the Board.
Are considered  honorary  associates all whom are qualified as such from the directive council  for have gained tall professional recognition, particular experience e/o professionalism, and they can contribute to the realization of the associative purpose.
Are considered junior associates all whom not having reached the greatest age yet shows interest and availability in their leisure time to the pursuit of the social purpose  and approved are from the directive council. such category will be kept to the payment of the annual or monthly fee in measure redoubt, as deliberated by the directive counsel.
To the admission to the association it is necessary to introduce question to the directive Counsel declaring the full availability to conform to the present statute to the deliberations of the social organs.
The admission to associates  is deliberated by the directive counsel  within 60 days from the receipt of the question  or in the first following session to the above mentioned days.
The directive council assigns final judgment to his the qualification of supporter associate, junior associate, honorary associate, promoting associate or founder associate, the two last qualifications are up to by law in every case to the associates intervened to the signature of the memorandum of association.
The associates have the right to participate in all manifestations and initiatives announced by the same association.


Every associate, enrolling himself in the association, it hocks him to contribute for how much time finds him possible to the maintenance of the association and to divulge its purposes.
every member must undertake to spread the purpose and the goal of the association, with the deep desire and full of joy to change this reality too much egoist and with false ideals.


The quality of associate loses for:
a) death
b) letter of  resignations
c) missed payment of the fee for over 6 months

Art. 8

Organs of association are:
1. associates meeting
2. directive counsel
3. chairman
4. association secretary
5. treasurer
6. auditor
The positions of the secretary and the treasurer can be covered by the same associate.


The meetings of the partners can be as ordinary as extraordinary and they are summoned previous announcement posted to the social center at least 10 days before the assembly, or with other forms of publicity held fitter from the directive suggestion.
The meeting ordinary deliberation regarding the followings matters:
- approval  annual budget and account form balance sheet;
- nomination of the social positions;
- destination of possible assets in budget;
- inherent initiatives the social management;
The meeting extraordinary deliberates regarding the variations that can intervene on the social statute summoned when holds it opportune by the directive council, or when is done from requires of it at least a fifth of the associates.
All the deliberations of the meeting, so much in the ordinary center that extraordinary, understood including the changes to the memorandum of association and the statute, are takings to majority of  the votes, and with the presence in the first convocation than at least the half more one of the associates having vote.
In second convocation the deliberation is always valid to majority of votes, any both the number of the intervened ones.
The votes happen for raising of hand or by secret ballot, when does asks for  it  by the majority of the presents.
Have the right to intervene in meeting the associates enrolled from at least 15 days before the assembly.
In all the assembly and the meetings the associates can personally intervene or with delegation to another associate.
It is not admitted more than one delegation.
The meeting is presided from the chairmen, or from the deputy president of the directive counsel or from other person designated by the assembly.
The deliberations of the assembly must be transcribe on record undersigned by the chairman and by a secretary, also not associate, named for the duty.
The deliberations of the assembly bind all the associates,  including the ones not intervened  or dissentient.


The association is administered by a Directive Counsel composed to chosen by the associates assembly up to 5 chosen advisers among the promoting associates.
The Directive Counsel  lasts reigning up to revocation or resignations.
The Directive Counsel  elects a chairman, a vice chairman, a secretary and a treasurer.
The Counsel has a meeting every three month and at any time one third of the members may do request.
The meetings are valid with the majority of the reigning advisers; the assumed deliberations are valid with the favourable vote of the majority of the votes.
In case of parity it prevails the vote of the Chairman.
The convocation of the directive counsel must have posted in the registered office at least 8 days before the meeting.
The Directive Counsel:
- takes care of the execution of the assembly meeting deliberations
- compiles the budgets and it compiles the projects for the employment of possible assets in budget
- it stipulates all the inherent contract and proceeding of every kind of activities  and management of the association.
- it predisposes the inside rules to submit to the approval of the assembly.
- it deliberates on the admission, the qualification and  the associates' expulsion.
- it deliberates on the matters concerning the activities of the association for the activation of its finalities, assuming all the initiatives of the case
- it deliberates on every action of financial character
The directive counsel administers the social patrimony in the care of the association and with the respect of the statutory purposes.
Accounting is submitted to the treasurer, to whom the predisposition of the account form balance sheet and budget is up to. The treasurer will submit them to the directive Counsel.


The Chairman has the representation and the social signature of the association,  in case of his absence or impediment his duties are up to the vice chairman.
The figure of the honorary Chairman is admitted.


The secretary collaborates with the chairman in the care of the social business.
The treasurer has the management of social funds and represents the association to the fiscal system.
The treasurer together with the chairman can open postal or banking current accounts in name of the association, depositing his own signature and effecting all the connected operations.
The income of the association are constituted from:
a)annual fee of registration and from the associative contributions with the formalities and in the measures established by the directive counsel;
b)from other contributions also to title of donation or inheritance;
The social year starti the first of January to end the 31st December.

Art .13

Inside of the directive counsel an auditor of the accounts will be named, whose performs he will be that to examine the accounting, to check the various expenses and to sign the administrative register.


The social assets is constituted from:
- from the contributions, disbursements and different legacies;
- admission fee of the new associates whose amount will be established by the directive counsel to the beginning of every financial year,
- quotas periodically  versed from ordinary associates;
- from the actions of liberality and donations in how much approved from whoever towards the association;
- from the incomes, however reached and held legitimate from the directive counsel;
- from the backup funds on purpose constituted;
- from goods and real estate of ownership of the association;
The sums to any title poured they are never reimbursable.


The controversies among associates, between a associates and the association, in order to the interpretation and execution of the present statute  will be decided from an arbitration college.
The college will be composed from three members of which the first two designated by every of the parts in the forms from the art 810 c.p.cs. and the third one from they themselves  if of accord,
otherwise through designation of the President of the Court of Roma from  the most industrious part.
The arbitration will take place in roma in the forms of the arbitration irrituale
The sentence must be pronounces within ninety days from the last acceptance of the charge and he must respect how much anticipated dal'art.823 c.p.c


In case of break-up for wish of the simple majority of the  founders or for the associates' reduction to less than three, the  directive counsel nominates one or more liquidators determining the powers of it.
The asset that residual from the liquidation  must be distributes in equal parts to the missions with which  the association is connected, or to other corporate body or associations with finality analogous to the present association


For how much not expressly anticipated in the present statute, he makes reference to the contained dispositions in the civil code and in the special laws in subject.

Signed sister Maria Luigia Guzzi
Signed Ida Del Grosso
Signed Vittoria Quondamatteo
Signed Alberto Vladimiro Papasso, Notary





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